What is Kapwa— Movement?

Ka“— a union that refers to any kind of relationship, a union, with everyone and everything
Puwang”— Space
Kapwa”- self (loob, kalooban) in the other (foreign, another body), inner self shared with others

Kapwa— Movement is a holistic program that encapsulates and liberates the shared essence inside in all beings through different modes of expression.
This is a self-organized service initiative stemming from Filipino Indigenous knowledge and wisdom that intends to hold space for arts and our body as the highest medium to connect with our selves and with others through collaborative dance movement, storytelling and community-building.
Kapwa— is for people with no specific age or gender identities where everyone is welcome and encourage to nurture free expression of one self without inhibition and promote respect, reverence and care to our fellow beings and to our environment.

Buhay. Pag-ibig. Hininga.

Tayo ay iisa.

Kapwa— Kita.